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Can’t We All Just Get Along? NBA Lockout Presses On

The Minnesota Timberwolves are now with a coach—as Rick Adelman was introduced earlier this week. As such, with the coaching search now over, there’s really nothing to report for the Timberwolves.

The NBA is still in a lockout as the owners and the players have met for over 11 hours on Friday and Saturday and have more talks planned for Monday. This is the last chance the two sides have to come to an agreement, before the begin losing games, paychecks, advertisers & fans.

I myself have already become more uninterested in the NBA. I’ve turned to the NFL and unfortunately for me, I’m a fan of the Minnesota Vikings (now 0-4).

The simple mere fact is that people are going to begin turning to other sports & activities. Jeff Van Gundy was just saying the other day that no one is really talking about the NBA anymore, only the diehards. Believe me, when it starts back up again, I’ll definitely be watching my TWolves in action, however, it’s pretty clear the NBA is going to a big part of his fan base.

The two sides in the NBA labor negotiations are reportedly still pretty far apart, so you better take up some new hobbies to keep you busy…

That’s all for now, if there’s anything new come Monday, you’ll be hearing from me, otherwise, I’ll be in misery watching the Vikings for the next 12 weeks. Stay tuned for all your TWolves news, information and updates all year round. Thanks for reading and GO…VIKINGS…er…WOLVES?

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Adelman Pegged as Wolves New Head Coach

The Minnesota Timberwolves have a new head coach—the legendary future Hall of Fame coach: Rick Adelman.

After stops in Golden State, Sacramento & Houston, Adelman is taking his talents to Minnesota. Adelman is probably the best coach the Timberwolves have ever had, followed close by Flip Saunders, who coach during the Wolves’ heyday with Kevin Garnett, Latrell Sprewell, Sam Cassell & Wally Szczerbiak (Saunders is now the Washington Wizards head coach).

Adelman has amassed just under 950 wins in his career and a winning percentage well over .500. In his twenty-some seasons as an NBA head coach he’s had just two losing seasons. Can he lead the Timberwolves to a 42+ win season in 2011-12 (considering there is a season, or if the season isn’t shortened).

The biggest concern for hiring Adelman was the money he’d likely demand. Owner Glen Taylor will be paying Adelman $5 million a year for the next four years, while also paying the remaining two-years $4 million. Adelman will be paid during the lockout as well.

It’s also been reported that Adelman will be bringing the following assistants with him: Jack Sikma, TR Dunn, Shawn Respect & RJ Adelman. There were some rumblings over the past month-month and a half, that Sam Mitchell or Terry Porter could be brought onto Adelman’s staff as assistant coaches. Both Mitchell & Porter being former-Timberwolves players and Porter having ties with Adelman from their Portland days.

That’s all for now. With the coaching search over there won’t be a whole lot of Timberwolves news to cover. But you can follow me on Twitter @donnycersado27 for all the updates all year round. Thanks for reading and GO WOLVES!

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Lee to play in the Impact League

One of Minnesota’s draft picks: Malcolm Lee out of UCLA (43rd pick), is playing in the Impact League in Las Vegas Nevada.

The Impact League consists of eight teams: A-H. Lee is a member of the A-team. His teammates include: James Anderson/SG/San Antonio, Larry Hughes/SG/FA, Kawhi Leonard/F/San Antonio, Melvin Ely/C/Denver, Marreese Speights/C/Philadelphia & Sebastian Telfair/PG/FA.

Sebastian Telfiar is still technically a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves, but following the lockout end, I think we can all expect the Wolves to not renew his contract as a bench warmer point guard.

Other big names that will be playing in Vegas include: Portland’s Wesley Matthews, Washington’s John Wall & Nick Young, New York’s Chauncey Billups, Houston’s Kyle Lowry & Milwaukee’s Stephen Jackson. Los Angeles’ Blake Griffin may join team E which features some of his Clipper teammates: Al Faroq Aminu, Mo Williams, Eric Bledsoe etc. However, that he hasn’t made it official that he’s playing yet.

Malcolm Lee will likely be the third string point guard behind Ricky Rubio & Luke Ridnour. He’ll also see some time behind Wesley Johnson & Wayne Ellington at shooting guard as his defensive ability will allow it.

Bigger news came today, as the Minnesota Timberwolves now have a head coach to replace Kurt Rambis…RICK ADELMAN! Take a look at the previous post on this site for the full story.

Until next time, thanks for reading and remember to check back daily for all your Timberwolves news, information & rumors. You can also get updates to the minute by following me on Twitter @donnycersado27. GO WOLVES!

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Adelman & the Wolves “Agree in Principle”

The coaching search for the Minnesota Timberwolves, finally seems to have an end in sight. Sources close to the situation say that the Timberwolves & Rick Adelman are close to finalizing a deal.

So much so, that the other main finalist: Don Nelson, has reportedly been informed that the Wolves that they expect to complete a deal with Adelman.

Also, of course, Kevin Love was on Twitter with a tweet: “Houston, we have a coach.” Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune has heard that Rick Adelman has come to terms with Minnesota, however it hasn’t been confirmed with him.

There was also a report on ESPN that Kevin Love may be more willing to sign an extension with the Wolves. As we’ve noted before; Adelman has close ties with Kevin Love from his high school playing days in Portland Oregon. Where K-Love played with Rick’s son: Patrick Adelman and their family have remained close friends. “When I talked about the prospect of me resigning I always said one of the things we have to have is a great coach. If it’s true, we’ve got a great coach,” Kevin Love on the possible Adelman signing.

Love also added, “Yeah, like Chris Webber, Vlade Divac, Brad Miller or any of those guys. That’d be perfect for me, working from the high post, being a facilitator.” Guys like Webber, Divac & Miller all thrived as big men under Adelman in Sacramento. Of course, Brad Miller is now, also a Timberwolf, can help as a veteran and teach the younger players the system and be a veteran leader.

With Love, if the new Collective Bargaining Agreement doesn’t change, he can sign an extension starting October 31. However, that date could be moved back since the lockout may not be over yet.

As of right now, Rick Adelman and the Timberwolves have reportedly agreed in principle. One source saying, “It is not done, but its heading that way.”

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and remember to check back daily for all your Timberwolves news, information & rumors and get the latest updates by following me on Twitter @donnycersado27. GO WOLVES!

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Sources: Adelman & Wolves Close to Deal

An update that states—according to Bill Ingram of HOOPSWORLD, the Minnesota Timberwolves and Rick Adelman are expected to finalize a deal sometime next week, for him to become the new TWolves head coach.

I previously wrote about all the money that Adelman was demanding (5-yrs. $25M) and how it may be too much for owner Glen Taylor to shell out. But, apparently that’s changed in the past few days. However, there are no details yet as too how much Adelman’s contract is worth.

Now, that our Timberwolves have a coach (though, nothing’s final & won’t be till he’s signs on the dotted line), we can start looking at potential assistants for Adelman. As noted previously—Sam Mitchell & Terry Porter—both of whom were candidates for the head coaching vacancy, have been linked to the Wolves as potential assistant coach candidates. Sam Mitchell is a favorite of owner Glen Taylor and his assistant coaching contract with New Jersey ended this year, he also played for a number of years (in two different stints with the TWolves). Terry Porter, also played for the Timberwolves and also has ties with Rick Adelman, when Porter played for the Portland Trailblazers—while Rick was the head coach. Obviously, more names will surface if/when the Rick Adelman signing becomes official.

This finalizing is still just a rumor, so stay tuned to for all your Timberwolves news, information & rumors—updated daily. Thanks for reading and GO WOLVES!

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TWolves Interview Don Nelson

It’s official—the Minnesota Timberwolves will interview the “winningest NBA head coach in history”—Don Nelson.  Nelson has been clamoring for an interview every since he heard of the vacancy and has stated how intrigued he is with all of the young talent the TWolves have been stockpiling the past few seasons.

The President of Operations: David Kahn and Owner: Glen Taylor will sit down with Nelson as their fifth candidate on Sunday.  He’ll follow interviews of Terry Porter, Mike Woodson, Bernie Bickerstaff and Rick Adelman.

Nelson has actually, reportedly, been in town all week long.  Not really to prep for the interview, but maybe he flew from Hawaii to Minnesota to visit his daughter—a schoolteacher & see his grandkids who live in Minnetonka.

Nelson got started in the NBA in 1962 when he was selected in the third round of the 1962 NBA Draft—picked 17th overall, by the Chicago Zephyrs.  He spent 14 seasons in the NBA before retiring in 1976.  The next season he was already in a head coaching gig with the Milwaukee Bucks which lasted till 1987 (11 seasons!), then from 1988-1995 he was the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, in 1997 he was hired by the Dallas Mavericks, where he coached until 2005, in 2006 he was re-hired by the Golden State Warriors until 2010, when he was fired and replaced by Keith Smart (who was fired this past summer and replaced by Mark Jackson).

In Nelson’s 29 years as a head coach he’s amassed a 1335-1063 coaching record (a .557 winning percentage).

Nelson’s fast paced-run n gun offense is assumably exactly what David Kahn has stated he wants in the Timberwolves new head coach, having the most wins in the history of the NBA on your resume SHOULD DEFINITELY help!

The interview will take place Sunday and Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune reports that the Timberwolves will interview a few more candidates following Nelson on Sunday—presumably early next week.  Until then, thanks for reading and remember to check back daily for all the up-to-date TWolves news, information & updates!!  GO WOLVES! has been expanded to a new site:!!

There will still be information on our Tumblr site, but for our full TWolves news, information & updates you can visit our primary new site!

Thank You & Enjoy!

TWolves Interview Rick Adelman

The Minnesota Timberwolves will interview their third head coach candidate Saturday with Pres. of Operations David Kahn & Owner Glen Taylor.  Another elderly coaching candidate: Rick Adelman will get an interview.

Most are considering Rick Adelman a ‘dream hire’ for the Timberwolves that could very well be the answer to all their problems.

Rick Adelman, 65, began in the NBA as a player when he was selected in the 7th round of the 1968 NBA Draft—79th overall.  He spent just six season in the League before retiring in 1975, but that was only the beginning for Adelman.  In 1988 he returned to the NBA as a head coach for the Portland Trailblazers he was there from 88-93, from 1995-97 he coached the Golden State Warriors, from 1999-2006 he was the head coach of the Sacramento Kings and most recently from 2007-2011 he was the head coach of the Houston Rockets, before being ‘let go’ earlier this summer—and replaced by former Wolves GM & Head Coach—Kevin McHale.

In his 20 year coaching career, Adelman has amassed a 945-616 record (.605 winning percentage).

In my opinion this would definitely be the ideal hire for the Timberwolves, the other VERY intriguing candidate seems to be Don Nelson.  My only concern with this process is that with the Wolves still owing Rambis over $4M, is owner Glen Taylor willing to shell out some cash to get a great head coach, or are we going to start all over again with  bargain coach that’ll get the Wolves nowhere….?

That’s all for now, remember to check daily for all your TWolves news, information & updates—EVEN THROUGH THE LOCKOUT—though it will likely be just coaching candidate updates :)  Thanks for reading and GO WOLVES!

TWolves Interview Bernie Bickerstaff

The Minnesota Timberwolves are about to interview their third NBA head coaching candidate.  

Bernie Bickerstaff follows interviews of Terry Porter & Mike Woodson.

The Portland Trailblazers assistant will interview on Friday with President of Operations David Kahn & Owner Glen Taylor.

Bernie Bickerstaff is the father of former Timberwolves assistant J.B. Bickerstaff—who recently joined the coaching staff in Houston with former Wolves GM & Head Coach Kevin McHale.

Bernie is 67 years old and has ben a head coach with Seattle, Denver, Washington & Charlotte.  He last coached for the Bobcat in 2007 when the team went 33-49.  Bernie’s overall record stands at 415-517 in 13 seasons—with a .445 winning percentage.  Bernie also has experience as a General Manager and a Team President.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are expected to interview Don Nelson as well as a number of other candidates early next week.

That’s all for now, remember to check back daily for all your up-to-date TWolves news, information & updates all year round!  Thanks for reading and GO WOLVES!

According to a report former Boston assistant and Nets head coach: Lawrence Frank will be the new Detroit Pistons head coach replacing John Kuester.

As such, Mike Woodson (former Atlanta Hawks head coach—the other candidate) is still available.

He’ll still be in the mix for the Timberwolves head coaching job. And if he doesn’t end up in Minnesota, there’s an outside chance that he’ll end up on the Boston Celtics bench as the defensive dynamo!

I think they made it clear for me that they wanted me the most. They had the most interest in me. They wanted me to be a part of their company, to jumpstart like Kemba made the jump, Brandon did. I felt like they wanted the most out of any company.
Timberwolves Rookie Derrick Williams on joining the “Under Armour Team” along with Bobcats Rookie Kemba Walker & Pistons Rookie Brandon Knight

The Minnesota Timberwolves 2011-12 NBA Regular Season Schedule

TWolves Interview Mike Woodson

The Minnesota Timberwolves interviewed Terry Porter earlier this week (the full story on that can be found in the previous post(s)), but today David Kahn and owner Glen Taylor sat down with Mike Woodson as a potential Wolves head coach candidate.

As Kahn & Taylor sat down with Woodson, eleven of the Minnesota Timberwolves employees (on the business side of things) were laid off according to a report from the Associated Press.  Many of the 11 employees were a part of the sales department and AP also reports that teams such as Charlotte among others, have begun to do the same amidst the NBA lockout.

Back to Mike Woodson, though.  Mike Woodson is the former Atlanta Hawks head coach.  Before all that however, Mike Woodson was an NBA player spending 11 seasons in the Association.  He was selected 12th overall in the 1980 NBA Draft to the New York Knicks he played with the Knicks from 80-81, with the Nets from 81-82, with the Kings from 82-86, the Clippers 86-88, 88-91 with the Rockets and just 1991 with the Cavaliers.  

He’s only had the one head coaching job—with the Atlanta Hawks from 2004-2010.  His career coaching records stands at 206-286.

Woodson’s defensive mindset is certainly what the Timberwolves need in order to become the outstanding team they’re capable of being, but David Kahn has been adamant that he wants a coach with a real up-tempo style of playing to get Ricky Rubio and all these young athletic guys up and down the court in a hurry.—Most would disagree that this is what the TWolves should be doing—I agree they should play a little more uptempo, but if that’s the case, they need to have an incredibly strong D, ‘run n gun’ only gets you so far!

Woodson was fired (or rather not resigned) before last season (and replaced by then assistant coach Larry Drew) after the Atlanta Hawks were eliminated from the playoffs by the Orlando Magic in an 0-4 sweep.

Woodson is also one of the last two candidates for the Detroit Pistons job—taking over for John Kuester who was fired a month or so ago (Boston assistant and former Nets head coach—Lawrence Frank is the ‘other candidate’).

That’s all for now, stay tuned for all your TWolves news, information & updates even through the lockout!  Thanks for reading and GO WOLVES!