According to a report former Boston assistant and Nets head coach: Lawrence Frank will be the new Detroit Pistons head coach replacing John Kuester.

As such, Mike Woodson (former Atlanta Hawks head coach—the other candidate) is still available.

He’ll still be in the mix for the Timberwolves head coaching job. And if he doesn’t end up in Minnesota, there’s an outside chance that he’ll end up on the Boston Celtics bench as the defensive dynamo!

TWolves Interview Mike Woodson

The Minnesota Timberwolves interviewed Terry Porter earlier this week (the full story on that can be found in the previous post(s)), but today David Kahn and owner Glen Taylor sat down with Mike Woodson as a potential Wolves head coach candidate.

As Kahn & Taylor sat down with Woodson, eleven of the Minnesota Timberwolves employees (on the business side of things) were laid off according to a report from the Associated Press.  Many of the 11 employees were a part of the sales department and AP also reports that teams such as Charlotte among others, have begun to do the same amidst the NBA lockout.

Back to Mike Woodson, though.  Mike Woodson is the former Atlanta Hawks head coach.  Before all that however, Mike Woodson was an NBA player spending 11 seasons in the Association.  He was selected 12th overall in the 1980 NBA Draft to the New York Knicks he played with the Knicks from 80-81, with the Nets from 81-82, with the Kings from 82-86, the Clippers 86-88, 88-91 with the Rockets and just 1991 with the Cavaliers.  

He’s only had the one head coaching job—with the Atlanta Hawks from 2004-2010.  His career coaching records stands at 206-286.

Woodson’s defensive mindset is certainly what the Timberwolves need in order to become the outstanding team they’re capable of being, but David Kahn has been adamant that he wants a coach with a real up-tempo style of playing to get Ricky Rubio and all these young athletic guys up and down the court in a hurry.—Most would disagree that this is what the TWolves should be doing—I agree they should play a little more uptempo, but if that’s the case, they need to have an incredibly strong D, ‘run n gun’ only gets you so far!

Woodson was fired (or rather not resigned) before last season (and replaced by then assistant coach Larry Drew) after the Atlanta Hawks were eliminated from the playoffs by the Orlando Magic in an 0-4 sweep.

Woodson is also one of the last two candidates for the Detroit Pistons job—taking over for John Kuester who was fired a month or so ago (Boston assistant and former Nets head coach—Lawrence Frank is the ‘other candidate’).

That’s all for now, stay tuned for all your TWolves news, information & updates even through the lockout!  Thanks for reading and GO WOLVES!

Rambis FIRED!

UPDATE: Another candidate that’s being thrown out their is Portland assistant Bernie Bickerstaff—the father of current Wolves assistant J.B. Bickerstaff.  The idea being J.B. would take over in a couple years with help from his father. 

UPDATE: Lorenzo Romar reportedly didn’t want to speak to the Wolves about the job when asked about it.  ”I love Seattle.  My wife loves Seattle and it’s a place that when we first got there—even though some were skeptical—I thought it was a place where we could be successful.  It’s awkward, maybe, more than flattering.  For one, there is a current coach there.  So that makes it awkward.”  Romar told the Seattle Times—obviously before word of Rambis’ firing ‘broke’.

According to Yahoo! Sports, league sources have said: David Kahn has decided to fire head coach Kurt Rambis!

It’s expected Kahn will not make this official until after tomorrow’s NBA Draft, however, he’s apparently already begun looking at replacements.

One such candidate is apparently: Lorenzo Romar (coach from University of Washington).  However, the Wolves are behind after numerous other teams have hired replacements, it may be slim pickings-LA Lakers: Mike Brown, Raptors: Dwayne Casey (a coach the Wolves were VERY interested in having return), Warriors: Mark Jackson, Rockets: Kevin McHale (Kahn wouldn’t be dumb enough to re-hire him after firing him 2 years ago…right?), Indiana making Frank Vogel their official coach and also, with the Pistons still looking at coaches like Kelvin Sampson, Mike Woodson & Lawrence Frank.

I would really like to see the Wolves take careful looks at such candidates as: Kelvin Sampson, Lawrence Frank, Mike Woodson, Patrick Ewing, Sam Mitchell and/or Mike Budenholzer.  Information on all these coaches can be found within the link at the bottom of this post.

Kahn has wanted Rambis to be more of a communicator with the team as well as with him and apparently their relationship had seriously deteriorated this past year.  Kahn also wanted Rambis to change his offensive & defensive systems, giving the Wolves a more open-court system for their new point guard Ricky Rubio, to roam free in, rather than the complex triangle—that reportedly, not all the players even learned—AFTER TWO YEARS!  His uneasy relationship with Kevin Love—the Wolves current ‘face of the franchise’ doesn’t help his cause either.  Neither did the 32-132 record!

As stated before, Kahn isn’t expected to make this official until after tomorrow’s draft, but it looks as though Kurt Rambis’ time in Minny has come to an end.

ALSO!!!  If you haven’t seen the April 23rd post on this site of possible coaching options for the Wolves, you should definitely check it out, link is down below (of course a few of those names have found destinations already).

That’s all for now, get ready for tomorrow’s draft as we’ll have up-to-the-minute updates throughout the night.  Thanks for reading and GO WOLVES!